Here is a reference to my education,  the awards I am very grateful for,  and a list of projects I have worked on over the years. 

Many shorter films and videos for private companies are not included,  if you are interested I can share references upon request. 




Gierson Trust Award, 'Best Historical Documentary' UK 2012
Short List German Film Award 'Lola' 2011 (German Oscar)
Dokuwettbewerb, BR-Telepool, 2009 Cinema Development Award, 1st Place
Honorable Mention Achtung Berlin, New Berlin Film Award
Audience Award Ippokrates International Health Film Festival, Kos (Greece)
William Dieterle Filmpreis (Special Prize), Germany
Grand Jury Prize, GZDOC, Guangzhou (China)
Special Jury Award Joris Ivens Competition - IDFA, Documentary Festival Amsterdam
Prize of the State Film Service Rheinland-Pfalz, 22nd Video/Filmtage Koblenz (Germany)

Berlin Independent Film Festival

Kreativ-Wettbewerbs 2021

 Berlin Independent Film Festiva



HS Diploma Liberty High School, MO. '90

Television & Film Department SDSU, California State University, San Diego 90-94
B.A. Communication Studies, Deans List, University of Missouri, Kansas City 04'


(as Teacher/Dozent)

Orange County Children's Therapeutic Arts Center (OCCTAC), Sources 2: Script Mentoring Lectures, Drehbuch Workshops

JIM Jugendfilmfestival,  FÖN.ev Film Camp,  Film Seminar-Evangelische Gymnasium Hermannswerder.



Current Resume work submitted upon request:








"meine schöne deutsche Weihnacht" / Documentary
Writer  /  BR, Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions GmbH
FFH German Script Funding Award

"Oma in Schlesien" / Documentary, 52 min
Editor, Producer, Produced by Wrangelfilm, Crowdfunding
In Festivals

"Making of der Gute Göring / Behind the Scene“ / Documentary, 25min
Director, Editor / Produced by Vincent TV, Sweetwood Films (UG)



"Gundis Lieder, Gundis Themen" / Documentary, 25min
Director / Producer / Produced by Rosa-Luxenburg Stiftung, Gundermann Seilschaft e.V.

"Making of Otto Weidt" / Documentary, 25min
Director / Editor, Vincent TV  Sweetwood Films (UG)

Various Promotional Films (5-15min)
Sweetwood Films (UG) Clients include: SMI Technologies, Pacific Aviation, MIRO Wirtschaftsjunioren, Club Pirscheide



"Danube Sounds" / Documentary, 84min
Editor / Crowd Funding , SWR

"Traumsand Machine; Unser Sandmänchen" / Interactive Game
Writer, Project Development / Produced by RBB & Exelution GmbH



"Beerland" Documentary, 80min
Writer, Director / Produced by BR, Telepool, Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions GmbH
Dokuwettbewerb 2009 Develoment Prize)



“Love of Books” Docudrama, 75min
Film Editor / Produced by Oxford Film & Television, London
International Broadcast : BBC Storyville, Al Jazerra

Sarajevo Film Fest, Best Doc 2010
“Urban Age Award” Documentary 3 x 15 min
Editor / Produced by Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions, Deutsche Bank



"Hacker" Documentary, 85min
Writer-Editor / Produced by ZDF, 3SAT, Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions
DOK Leipzig, Actung Berlin

"Transit" Documentary, 75min
Editor / Produced by mdr, PASTE-UP Production, Berlin
Actung Berlin

"Geheimnis im sibirischen Eis" Documentary, 52min
Editor, Visualisation / ARTE, Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions GmbH



“Forgetting Dad” Documentary, 85min

Co-Director, Editor / ZDF das kleine fernsehenspiel, Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions GmbH
FBW, Prädikat besonders wertvoll Award

“Robot City” Animation Series, 13 x 10min
Writer / Produced by Niolan Kids Entertainment, Belgium
Distribution: Breakthrough Entertainment, Canada

“Mythen des Norden” Documentary Series, 2 x 28min
Editor / Produced by NDR, FreeEye TV, Hamburg



“The Droogles / Mooh Brothers” 26 x 10min, Animation Series
Writer, Animatic Director / Produced by Niolan Kids Entertainment, Belgium.
Distribution: Breakthrough Entertainment, Canada

“Urban Age” Documentary, 25min
Editor / Produced by Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions, Berlin.

“Das Grüne Band” Nature Documentary, 52min
Editor / ARTE, HR, Naturwissenschaft



Tchibo / Scholz & Friends / Bildschirmarbeit 42, Berlin. Schickes Wohnbuero

Flash Interactive Commercials. Writer / Director

“Desert Dreamers” Documentary, 52min
Editor/ Produced Starlounge & Tivoli Entertainment, Berlin / PBS , Los Angeles

“Art of Aging” Documentary 45min,
Camera / Produced by Paste-Up Productions, Berlin




“Homemade Hillbilly Jam” super 16mm, Documentary Film, 85min

Co-writer / Editor / Produced by Hoferichter & Jacobs Productions, Berlin.

“The Story of Liberty” Documentary 60 min
Writer, Director,Producer / Produced by Footprints in Clay Productions, KPBS, Kansas City



[2001 - 1997]

World Citizen Productions, Los Angeles, CA. Lost Angeles

Various Video Feature Spots. Writer

“The Bet” Feature Film Screenplay
Writer / Stardust Entertainment GmbH, Potsdam.

Design TV GmbH, Berlin. Design TV
Television Series Development. Writer

“Havana Mi Amor” Documentary 110min, 16mm
Story Editor / Flying Moon Filmproduktion, Berlin.

Joined Agency Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt, Germany



Publications / Writing

SONY Europe, Federal KOK, Potsdam Community College, Children's Therapeutic Art
Center, Bewag Energy Company, Cretcher & Lynch Insurance, Paste-Up Productions,
T & G Films, Berlin.